We have a proven track record of helping our customers - large and small – launch products seamlessly into the marketplace, on time and on budget.


Elemental is renowned for our “concept to completion” capability. We have a proven track record of taking ideas from the white-board and efficiently getting them into the marketplace. The expertise of our chemical engineers and R&D professionals is unequaled.


If your desire is to emulate a nationally recognized brand or product that no longer exists in the marketplace, Elemental can reformulate it for you. Deformulation is reverse engineering at its best; it's the process of analyzing a product's individual raw material components and quantities in order to replicate or improve it. We’re experts at formulating National Brand Equivalent products, often in a way that can greatly improve product performance while decreasing manufacturing cost.


Frequently, companies come to us with problem products -- underperforming, hazardous, costly, or deficient formulations that need improvement or on occasion, a total overhaul. Even products that are not price competitive in today’s aggressive marketplace can be reformulated to be cost-effective without sacrificing efficacy or quality... All it takes is the right kind of creativity and expertise.

White Labeling

Elemental's expansive line of proven, proprietary formulations offers an immediate way to skip development and lead time. Instead, ship our trusted product, with your brand name, directly to your customers.

Private Labeling

Elemental can develop products for almost every industry. Do you have an idea? Want to build your own custom formula? Our state of the art capabilities and service team can help.


Many potential customers find that they can be barred entry into prospective markets due to large first order minimums and associated development costs. Elemental’s uniquely flexible operations and production facilities allow us to scale to our customers’ needs. You need never sacrifice expertise or superior quality and service in order to get your project produced.


We have the creative expertise and experience to service all of the essential steps. From label & packaging design and production fulfillment, to SDS documentation and eco-certification, it can all be done with final product being delivered anywhere in the world.


At Elemental, we're fortunate to work with internationally recognized experts in the fields of advertising, branding, marketing, and licensing. We have become astute at identifying potential revenue streams within your business, whether existing or new. We are also able to provide guidance to develop associated licensing programs that can make your brands more desirable, and generate new opportunities in distribution and retail placement.